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      array: .word 0:5
      prompt1: .asciiz "enter number: "
      newline: .asciiz "\n"

      add $t2,$zero,$zero       # initializes counter to 0
      la $s0, array     # stores the beginning of array into $s0


      li $v0, 4                 # prints "enter number: "   
      la $a0, prompt1

      li $v0, 5                 # reads in user input
      sw $v0, ($s0)     # saves user input into address at $s0
      addi $s0, $s0, 4          # increments address at $s0 by 4 bytes

      addi $t2, $t2, 1          # increments counter by 1
      bne $t2, 5, secretcode    # stops loop when loop executes 5 times 


      lw $a0, ($s0)         # print first element
      li $v0, 1

      li $v0, 10                # system code halt

The program is supposed to store 5 user inputted numbers into an array. I tried to print the first value but it comes up as a large number which I assume is an address. How would I print the actual value of the number so that I know it saved correctly?

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By the time you reach your printing code $s0 contains the address array + 4*5, so what you end up printing is the 32-bit number formed by the first four characters of the "enter number: " string.

To fix this, add an la $s0, array before you try to print the first element.

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