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I am also having trouble getting adb tcpip to work.

This answer suggests that it is simple:

Android - Run/install/debug applications over WiFi?

This question suggests that it does not always work:

Set ADB in TCP/IP mode: device not found?

For me, it is not working as described above

I tried the recommended procedure on an android 4.0 phone (Kyocera Hydro). I followed the advice above (connecting to USB first before running adb tcpip). I got it to connect only once but most times it says 'error device not found' or 'error device offline'. On the one time it did connect, I did not see the device in DDMS view of eclipse.

I tried also when USB was not connected before running adb tcpip.

I eventually need to get it to work on a x86 tablet running Android x86 version 4.3. This device is USB host only, so there will be no way for me to connect to USB first in order to issue adb tcpip command while connected.

When you do remote debugging on other linux machines you must start the gdb server on the remote machine specifying a port, and then your debugger needs to connect to that port. The port number needs to be know somehow on both sides.

Any advice why it is not working on my real android phone with usb connection would be appreciated.

Once that I can get it to work with a 'real' phone, I can then test it with the x86 tablet device. How do you launch the debug server on android side without usb connection?

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Try one of the market adb wifi apps. –  Leco Oct 26 '13 at 8:26
possible duplicate of How can I connect to Android with ADB over TCP? –  Sipka Oct 26 '13 at 8:46

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