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After I installed "Pex and Moles", used for automated testing, my "Surround with" (ctrl + k, s) in Visual Studio 2010 has been "hijacked" by the new add on.

This means I can only choose to insert a "PexClass for MSTest", which is kind of annoying since I use surround with many times each day.

Hope someone can help to reset this feature to its original functionality without removeing Pex and Moles.

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Open the menu Tools -> Options Then select Environment -> Keyboard

In the shortcut field, press CTRL+K, S. You'll see all bindings for this combination. Adjust or remove the ones you don't like.

Keyboard options

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Thanks for this. I fixed it by removing Pex and Moles but it happend again with Code Contracts, and the way descirped gives me the oppertunati to fix it. – mhgregersen Nov 17 '13 at 9:41

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