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In my VOIP Application, i am using AudioQueue to play and capture the Audio buffer, the normal flow is as follows,

1 -- Configuration for both capture and play as follows,
16000 Sampling rate 2 bytes per frame and will capture data at an interval of 20ms

which comes around 640 bytes / 320 packets,

this packets goes to compression then RTP header and then it sent to server,

I am facing voice drop on another end , any pointers how ot resolve this issues.

have one more question,

-- Is AudioQueue reliable framework for VOIP Application, or i should move back to any other lower level libraries ?

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The benefit of going lower level in CoreAudio is it will be easier to troubleshoot because you could just add some NSLog's to print out each sample to see if there's a correlation between the drop outs and something else. –  GW.Rodriguez Oct 27 '13 at 22:04

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