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I have the script below that checks to make sure a form field for telephone number contains 10 digtis, account for a hyphen and ( ) characters. The issue I have is many times people will put in a telephone number spaced as this - 000 000 0000

When the script is called it throws an error message. How can I use the script below but permit a space in the specified format 000 000 0000 without throwing an error?

Thanks for any help!

              function validateTel(telnum) {
              if (telnum.match(/^(1?(-?\d{3})-?)?(\d{3})(-?\d{4})$/)) {
              return true;
              } else {
              return false;
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well better set the min and maxlength of your textbox to 10 and dont let user enter anything other than numbers in it, no need of symbols or spaces – Deepanshu Oct 26 '13 at 9:03
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You can use this regex to match the telephone numbers

^\d{3}[ ]{0,1}\d{3}[ ]{0,1}\d{4}$

Check the explanation here


var telRegExp = /^\d{3}[ ]{0,1}\d{3}[ ]{0,1}\d{4}$/;

console.log("123 456 7890".match(telRegExp))
console.log("123 4567890".match(telRegExp))
console.log("123456 7890".match(telRegExp))


[ '1234567890', index: 0, input: '1234567890' ]
[ '123 456 7890', index: 0, input: '123 456 7890' ]
[ '123 4567890', index: 0, input: '123 4567890' ]
[ '123456 7890', index: 0, input: '123456 7890' ]
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How about using anchors?


or may be this regex:-

/^\+?\d{2}[- ]?\d{3}[- ]?\d{5}$/

or may be this regex which will cover most of the cases to validate phone numbers:

^(?:\+?\d{2}[ -]?\d{3}[ -]?\d{5}|\d{4})$

Regex Demo

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