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I'm developing python with PyDev in eclipse. I'm looking for a plugin that will help me enforce documentation on my code.

Does anyone knows of such a plugin?


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Not exactly for Eclipse, but you could tie pep8 (the PEP-8 validator) to every git commit. One of the things pep8 complains is lack of docstrings.

Never tried, but http://widerin.org/blog/using-pep8-checks-in-eclipse should help you.

edit: as alko pointed out, it's integrated with PyDev. There is another discussion on "How to configure PyLint to check all things PEP8 checks?"

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this is now standard feature for PyDev (starting from 2.3.0): stackoverflow.com/questions/399956/… –  alko Oct 26 '13 at 13:30

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