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I have a rails application hosted on heroku and want to strip! data from a specific text column. I was wondering what the most "rails" way to do this is. The model has been changed so that data are normalised when created or updated, but I want to apply this change to what is already there.

My situation is similar but not the same as: Can Rails Migrations be used to convert data?

I am interested on a rails-based approach and not a SQL script, which would be easy to replicate there.

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Either a migration or (I would prefer) a rake task.

The benefit of the migration is that it would run just the once - and you should be able to write a roll-back 'down' script too.

The benefit of the rake task is it's separated from your dB scripts (as manipulating data is a different type of task).

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Decided to go for rake task. I was not aware that it could be run within the environment. – dimitris mistriotis Nov 2 '13 at 13:20

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