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Below I have two queries that are working as expected. How does CodeIgniter know to not add 2 where clauses to the second query? Does it reset the query statements after $this->db->update?

    //Make sure customers don't belong to tier anymore
    $this->db->where('tier_id', $tier_id);
    $this->db->update('customers', array('tier_id' => NULL));

    $this->db->where('id', $tier_id);
    return $this->db->delete('price_tiers'); 
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yes, should reset –  charlietfl Oct 26 '13 at 15:30

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If you look in the System/database/db_active_rec.php core file, you can see (for example) the update() function

The first thing it does is calls:

    // Combine any cached components with the current statements

This is how the CRUD statements collect any "partial" where, etc clauses.

The second to last thing it does is calls:


This resets them all to empty. Then it calls the query() to send off the statement

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