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I would like to change the app id of an iPhone app that I am selling.

Is it possible to do so, update it, maybe add in-app purchases and have no problems?

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I did not change the bundle identifier. What I did was to create a new App Id in the iPhone Developer Program Portal. I first used a wildcard one and then to add the in-app purchase I created a specific one just for this app. I used the same id as I used first time I posted to the AppStore.

So, I did not change the App Id of the app. But this was how I solved this problem.


I did just that with one of my apps, "Nya Öl"

I added a in-app purchase for a Favorites List in version 1.1

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thanks... luckily i will not need the stored data files since the app is almost starting over... –  user238525 Dec 25 '09 at 9:33

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