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I have a Moose based class, with a couple of attributes that I want to remove.

I want any use of them to generate a deprecation warning.
Possibly with a way to disable the warnings.

package JSON::RPC::LWP;
use Moose;

has previous_id => (
  is => 'ro',
  isa => JSONValue,
  init_arg => undef,
  writer => '_previous_id',
  predicate => 'has_previous_id',
  clearer => 'clear_previous_id',

# default id generator is a simple incrementor
my $default_id_gen = sub{
  my($self,$prev) = @_;
  $prev ||= 0;
  return $prev + 1;

has id_generator => (
  is => 'rw',
  isa => 'Maybe[CodeRef]',
  default => sub{ $default_id_gen },
  trigger => sub{
    my($self,$coderef) = @_;
    unless( $coderef ){
      $self->{id_generator} = $default_id_gen;

I have already removed the only place id_generator was used.

Right now the only known user of this module sets id_generator to a code ref that effectively sets it to the future behaviour.
I have modified it to only do this on older versions of my module. ( not yet released )

package Games::Lacuna::Client::RPC;
use Moose;

extends 'JSON::RPC::LWP';

has '+id_generator' => (
  default => sub{sub{1}},
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You can set a method modifier on the accessor:

before id_generator => sub
   require Carp;
   Carp::carp("The id_generator method is deprecated; called");

You can also issue a warning if it's passed to the constructor

after BUILD => sub
   my ($self, $params) = @_;
   if ($params->{id_generator})
      require Carp;
      Carp::carp("The id_generator parameter to the constructor is deprecated; given");

Yes, a MooseX module to do this would be nice.

For disableable warnings, look at perldoc warnings; in particular note what warnings::enabled("deprecated") returns.

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Here's another way to do it! Use MooseX::Deprecated :-)

with "MooseX::Deprecated" => {
   attributes => [ "id_generator" ],

I wrote MooseX::Deprecated inspired by my previous answer to this question. It encapsulates the application of method modifiers, checking init_args, fiddling with %Carp::Internal and warnings::enabled, all into one tidy little package.

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