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I installed new fonts on my Android emulator. The instructions say I have to reboot my device. I tried using the "Power Off" button but it just displays "Shutting Down" and does nothing. Even when I go to the adb shell and run "reboot" it hangs.

Any ideas how to restart the emulator so that the new settings appear?


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Basically you are not supposed to shut it down... Just close the window.

This is what's written in the documentation

To stop an emulator instance, just close the emulator's window.



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Hmmm... another way is wiping out current emulator and re-start from initial state..

  1. just close your emulator window
  2. launch AVD Manager from eclipse
  3. press Start button
  4. check "Wipe user data"
  5. click "Launch" and you will get clean and initial state of emulator
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Wipe user data did not work for my case. I deleted and recreated a new AVD. I used a different name just in case. (in eclipse) – finneycanhelp Dec 14 '12 at 20:31

Choose the emulator in "Android sdk and avd manager", edit it, and remove the tick from "snapshot". Then the emulator will restart every time you run it.

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It occurs sometimes when emulator snapshots are enabled (I think your problem is not related to fonts installation).

Try this command to start your virtual device without snapshot:

emulator -no-snapshot-load -avd YOUR_AVD
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Have you tried just closing the emulator window?

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yeah, can't you just kill it and start it again? – littlegreen Dec 25 '09 at 11:21
yeah i can do that, but i don't think it actually shuts down the phone. I don't see the new fonts when I start up the emulator again. – mamado Dec 25 '09 at 12:18
Could it be a problem with the installation? Can you somehow verify it has been installed correctly? – zpon Dec 25 '09 at 12:49
it's installed correctly...tried with android version 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, still no luck...has anyone been able to "power off" the emulator or is this a bug? – mamado Dec 28 '09 at 1:34

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