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I have a Sphero 2.0 ball.

What do I need to connect it to Windows 7 and to start developing applications for the ball (preferably in C#).

I tried to connect it via Bluetooth. While "pairing" the ball, it started to blink in red, green, violet. But Windows told me that it couldn`t find the right driver.

It would be great if the developers of Sphero could contribute some developing HowTos.

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I'm with you! I want to connect to my Sphero 2.0 from Windows 7 as well... I haven't connected to mine yet, but I am thinking that we can open up a raw bluetooth socket and talk to it. There is this article here on bluetooth

So next step would be writing the class to read and write Sphero packets as described in their Low Level API docs found here on Github.

I stumbled on your question hoping that someone had already done those 2 steps... :) I'm going to keep searching. I may be back.

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Currently we are targeting Windows 8.1 and have no plans to support Win 7 officially (there is a Win 8.1 dll out on github). You should be able to open a raw bluetooth socket and communicate with Sphero using our low level API doc you mentioned if you are looking to connect on Win 7. –  Jon C Oct 31 '13 at 20:05

I don't know if you've solved this problem yet, but I've successfully managed to communicate with the Sphero using .NET in windows 7. I began by reading this post:


This is a good place to get started. I then re-implemented it because the receiving of packets back from Sphero wasn't quite right, and it dropped some. Using the above will get you as far as sending and running orbbasic code to the sphero, though.

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I am currently developing a "lowlevel" API for Sphero in C++. The only dependency is a working bluetooth stack and a C++ compiler. I am also thinking about making the API C-Style with only POD but at the moment this fits my needs:


It should be easy to use from C# and even add a event based interface.

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