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I'm writing my own logging Handler for Java and I'd like to insert the line number of the log message to my output.

Here's my current attempt without the line number:

public class ConsoleHandler extends Handler {

    private static final String SEVERE = "SEVERE";

    private static final String DATE_TIME_FORMAT = "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss";

    public void publish(LogRecord record) {
        StringBuilder output = new StringBuilder();

        // Add time and location of the message
        Date d = new Date(record.getMillis());
        String time = new SimpleDateFormat(DATE_TIME_FORMAT).format(d);

        output.append(time + ": " + record.getSourceClassName() + "."
                + record.getSourceMethodName() + "\t\t\t");

        output.append(record.getLevel() + ": " + record.getMessage());

        switch (record.getLevel().getName()) {
        case SEVERE:

public void flush() {}
public void close() throws SecurityException {}


I searched the interface of LogRecord but could not find out in which line the message was logged.

Edit: I adapted the code linked in jmehrens' answer; this method returns the stack frame of the logging class from which I can get the line number and the file name:

private StackTraceElement getCallerStackFrame(final String callerName) {
    StackTraceElement callerFrame = null;

    final StackTraceElement stack[] = new Throwable().getStackTrace();
    // Search the stack trace to find the calling class
    for (int i = 0; i < stack.length; i++) {
        final StackTraceElement frame = stack[i];
        if (callerName.equals(frame.getClassName())) {
            callerFrame = frame;

    return callerFrame;


    final StackTraceElement callerFrame = getCallerStackFrame(record.getSourceClassName());
    if (callerFrame != null) {
        final String fileName = callerFrame.getFileName();
        final int lineNumber = callerFrame.getLineNumber();
        // This creates a link to the line when used in Eclipse
        output.append("(" + fileName + ":" + lineNumber + ")");

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There is no LogRecord (JDK1.4 - JDK1.7) method to get the line number. If no thread handoff is occurring in your handler or upstream you can create a new Throwable().getStackTrace() and use the java.lang.StackTraceElement API to get the line number.

Example code can be found in the JavaMail API at MailLogger.inferCaller()/isLoggerImplFrame(). If you have to deal with thread handoffs, then you would have to log the line number as a log record parameter. Keep in mind that computing the callsite is expensive in terms of performance.

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You can get it using this code:

StackTraceElement e = Thread.currentThread().getStackTrace()[2];
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Thanks for your answer but the frame with index number two was not the class that logged the message. I think that's because I use SLF4J. –  Matthias Braun Oct 29 '13 at 0:47
Then try to use 3 ;) –  kelunik Oct 29 '13 at 5:14
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