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I am trying to understand why we pass a Context instance to the Intent constructor? Why isn't it enough to do new Intent(SomeActivity.class)? Does Android enforce some restrictions or what?

I was trying to look at the code but all I find is that it gets the package name.

Intent documentation

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To identify an Activity in an Android application unambiguously, you need to have the both, the name of an application (aka Android application package), and the full name of activity (java package name + class name of activity class). These are exactly those two parameters you give in constructor. Context is used to get Android application package name, and the class to get full class name.

An Activity with the same full name can be used in two applications. If you do not provide Context, then Android won't know which application an activity belongs to.

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As you guessed, the Context in the constructor is used to get the package name of the application.

Inferring the package name from the class as in SomeActivity.class.getPackage().getName() does not work in every case, as it could be different from the application's package name.

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