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I am playing with grails within GGTS IDE. After creating new project, there is plenty of jars included by default but there no sources included. Version of grails is 2.2.4. I've tried refresh-dependencies --include-source or even right click project and basicaly do the same thing but I am still getting only bytecode displayed.

When I add new dependency into BuildConfig.groovy file sources got included by default. What am I missing?

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Ok I found workaround to get my sources downloaded without gant. First I installed eclipse link plugin. After that I run grails create-pom <package> and download sources with m2e plugin. After that I run grails sts-link-sources-and-javadocs and eclipse: File -> Restart.

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Do you use GGTS? – confile Feb 20 '14 at 1:19

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