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The Rails default scaffold includes methods to allow you to publish an API, allowing users to interact with the same controllers via both HTML and JSON.

Generating a new scaffold for a product model with body and url with rails generate scaffold products body:string url:string will make something like:

# GET /products
# GET /products.json
def index
  @products = Product.all

And generate both an HTML view but also index.json.jbuilder:

json.array!(@products) do |product|
  json.extract! product, :body, :url
  json.url product_url(product, format: :json)

Rails is clearly automatically generating all of the code to let us expose this model as an API as well as offer our standard HTML interface.

My question(s) are:

  • What is the recommended practice to version something like this?
  • Is this method to exposing the API really the expected practice?
  • All of the other resources I've found suggest separate namespaced controllers to expose the API actions, so why expose JSON and HTML in the default setup?
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Have a look at the railscast here: Should clear most of your doubts.

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