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I have a polymorphic model, TimeReport. You can have either internal TimeReport's, or TimeReports associated with a project. However, if you have a TimeReport associated with a project, you can only associate it with a project to which you belong.

So, how would I CanCan this? I can't really do

can :create, TimeReport, project_id: user.project_ids

as I would have wanted from the beginning.. Any tips? (I could of course do this in the model validation rules, but I'd rather not, unless there's a good reason to.)

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You probably need to provide more information to get a good answer... You say a time_report is associated with a project so that means time_report.project exists?

In your controller:

  @time_report = # or whatever
  authorize! :create, @time_report

In Ability:

  can [ :create ], TimeReport do |time_report|
    user.project_ids.include? time_report.project_id 

Notice the following:

  • you probably cannot use load_and_authorize_resource, but maybe you can. I tend not to use it, but if @time_report is exactly the one you need, then it will work out.

  • the variable time_report that gets passed inside can() in your Ability is the one and the same with @time_report in your controller. That's kind of what makes CanCan beautiful ; )

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Didn't know you could execute a block in CanCan like that! Great stuff! –  Alexander Kuzmin Nov 6 '13 at 6:11

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