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I have 2 tables and basically what I like to do is group the results or counts together for display. Tried different version of mysql statement but not getting anywhere.. any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

The 2 example tables are:

index   O_priority
1         low
2         medium
3         high   


expected results:
low =  4
medium =  2
high = 3 
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SELECT T1.O_priority,T2.c FROM tbl_One as T1 LEFT JOIN (SELECT count(*) as c,t_priority FROM tbl_Two GROUP BY t_priority) as T2 ON T1.index = T2.t_priority;
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Join the tables, then group the results:

SELECT   tbl_One.O_priority, COUNT(*)
FROM     tbl_One JOIN tbl_Two ON tbl_Two.t_priority = tbl_One.index
GROUP BY tbl_One.index

See it on sqlfiddle.

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Simple as much as you can, try this:

SELECT count(o.index) as `index`, o.O_priority 
FROM tbl_One o join tbl_two t on t.t_priority = o.index
group by t.t_priority;

SQL Fiddle

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