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depending on my scenario, can any one help me get my result through single query ? My scenario goes like this.

I have four tables, lets say HouseHold, HouseSurvey, HouseDailyExpense and CommodityList.

HouseSurvey has many HouseHold, HouseDailyExpense has many HouseSurvey and CommodityList.

What I want to achieve is sum of houseDailyExpense.expense of each CommodityList for each HouseHold.

Is this possible to achieve through one HQL query as its been more than four hours I have been trying and could not conclude through a sound solution.

Thanks for help.

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Can you post something that you have tried? It's in your best interest. –  SidCool Oct 27 '13 at 5:46
I have tried using joins, group by but all I could end up is either of following result. Each HouseHold and sum of expense in HouseDailyExpense for Each HouseHold. --- Each COmmodityList and sum of expense in HouseDailyExpense for each CommodityList. --- But What I want is for each HouseHold, sum of all expense of all CommodityList I hope its not confusing –  Dipendra Pokharel Oct 27 '13 at 5:57

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Something like this

select hh, cl, sum(hde.expense) from HouseDailyExpense hde join hde.houseSurveys as hs join hde.commodityLists as cl join hs.houseHolds as hh
group by hh, cl
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