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I tried to bundle my app with mkbundle command due to this help:


but I don't understand this part of this doc:

With -c, the further option --nomain will generate the host.c file without a main method so that you can embed it as a library in an existing native application in which you are embedding the Mono runtime yourself. Just call mono_mkbundle_init() before initializing the JIT to make the bundled assemblies available.

which is absolutely what I need to do! I also looked up this doc: http://man.he.net/man1/mkbundle2

again the same part:

You may also use mkbundle to generate a bundle you can use when  embed-
   ding  the Mono runtime in a native application.  In that case, use both
   the -c and --nomain options.  The resulting host.c file will not have a
   main() function.  Call mono_mkbundle_init() before initializing the JIT
   in your code so that the bundled assemblies are available to the embed-
   ded runtime.

I don't really know what are mono_mkbundle_init() and initializing the JIT... Thanx

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mono_mkbundle_init() is a function generated by mkbundle in host.c "initializing the JIT" should be mono function mono_jit_init() so the meaning is that, link the generated c file in your native application and invoke mono_mkbundle_init() before invoking mono_jit_init()

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