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i am very new to software development....i have to prepare a software for an institute, the requirements or details of the software are

  1. the software is about storing the feedback by the students on the teachers in the institute on say some 10 aspects and they are rated on a scale of 10....
  2. the average of all those 10 aspects should be calculated(say it as score_1) and the average of all those score_1 of all the students should be calculated and based on the value the teacher should be divided into different range like 0-4 in A, 5-8 in B, 9-10 in C....
  3. for example there are 30 students and 3 teachers handling 2 subjects each....so students will give their feedback on each teacher in each individual subject...
  4. So the 30 students will each individually give 6 feedback
  5. some authorized person will enter the feedback into the software
  6. when some higher official checks the feedback of a particular teacher in a particular subject.....then the range of the teacher should be displayed...

now please help me on what software i have to use to prepare the software based on above requirements

my main problem is with interface...i dont know what software is used for creating interfaces (GUI interface)

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I've created something similar with Google forms and Excel pivot table. –  darlinton Oct 28 '13 at 20:47
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You requirements can be accomplished by wide range of software solutions starting from Excel to a web based application. If you want to build an application to do that, you could either go to a desktop solution, mobile or web-based. For Windows desktop you could use Windows Forms or WPF or HTML/CSS front end. For web based, you have several options such as ASP.NET with HTML/CSS. Many other options exist.

Non of the above is trivial to develop. If you don't know about this, I suggest you hire someone.

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