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We have a player that paid 4 times for our premium currency. 3 times 52 USD and 1 time 20 USD.

When checking the payment status with the API Facebook returned this (one of the 4 examples):

time_placed: 2013-10-18 05:26:17

data: {"id":"461951443921576","user":{"name":"********","id":"640847309"},"application":{"name":"FISHAO","namespace":"fishaogame","id":"***********"},"actions":[{"type":"charge","status":"failed","currency":"USD","amount":"52.46","time_created":"2013-10-18T05:26:15+0000","time_updated":"2013-10-18T05:26:16+0000"}],"refundable_amount":{"currency":"USD","amount":"0.00"},"items":[{"type":"IN_APP_PURCHASE","product":"*********:1}],"country":"TR","created_time":"2013-10-18T05:26:15+0000","payout_foreign_exchange_rate":1}

As you can see Facebook returned the status: FAILED.

However the player emailed me with screenshots of a successful payment. But ALSO I exported the csv file from Facebook with the transactions listed on it

SD,288247347926262,S,P,461951450588242,2013-10-17 22:28:31     PDT,USD,52.46,6C520A72444E37CD1F56478D3A7318E8,1.0000000000,USD,,TR
SD,288247347926262,S,P,461951503921570,2013-10-17 22:36:14 PDT,USD,52.46,6C520A72444E37CD1F56478D3A7318E8,1.0000000000,USD,,TR
SD,288247347926262,S,P,447632028686848,2013-10-17 23:46:42     PDT,USD,52.46,6C520A72444E37CD1F56478D3A7318E8,1.0000000000,USD,,TR

And also Facebook insights --> Payments shows the revenue of that day with those transactions included.

My question is: why does Facebook sends back a FAILED status while the payments came through? And how can I fix this for the future so we don't have these issues again?

Thanks for your help.

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I am having the same problems, have you found a solution? –  berkayk Nov 6 '13 at 11:17

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