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i have been searching for quite some time and i cant seem to find anything close. i am working on automating our VM for our DEV & QA dept using VCAC. i have reached the point that during VM creation a folder with the project's name is created under the dept (for exaple DEV\Upgrade1)

the problem starts when the DEV guys decides to delete t the whole project and start over. i am left with a lot of empty folders throughout the VC server and i was wondering if there is a powercli script i can run daily to check if there are any empty folders (with no vms) inside and delete them if they exist.

its a tricky issue because i found i can use remove-folder but only if i give its name which i dont know. and i dont want to delete folders with VMS inside. anyone can help me? thanks

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If your already connected to your server and in powercli run this.

$folders = get-folder
Foreach ($folder in $folders)
if((get-folder $folder|get-vm).count -eq 0)
 remove-folder -folder $folder -confirm $false

Drop a -location $datacenter onto the first get-folder if you want to isolate.

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thanks. but when i ran this script , it didnt do anything. so i tried to just echo the output of the folder list. (replaced remove-folder with echo $folder) but nothing happened – user2314297 Nov 11 '13 at 13:34
the correct sintax is. $folders = get-folder -type VM Foreach ($folder in $folders) { if((get-folder $folder|get-vm) -eq $null) { remove-folder -folder "$folder" -confirm $false } } – user2314297 Nov 25 '13 at 10:52

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