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I'm using Visio 2013 to make UML deployment diagram. Unfortunately it doesn't support - it doesn't have any default template etc. Since last 10 hours and more I've been searching for some right tool that helps me make such diagrams. I didn't find any helpful tool yet. Please guide me.

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If you want to create a deployment diagram that is similar to the ones you could make in earlier versions of Visio, I'd recommend going to this site and downloading their UML stencils for 2013.

You could also look at branching out a bit and using something like Archimate. You can look at section 9.4.14 in this document to see an example of a deployment/implementation viewpoint with Archimate. Orbus has a free download of the Archimate 2.0 stencils here. I think you have to go through a free registration, but they won't spam you.

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