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In Jomsocials config you can choose the quality ouput of uploaded photos. But Very High doesnt mean Original. That means when I upload a very very large photo, it will be still resized by jomsocial.

Jomsocial saves three kinds of photos. 1. thumbnail 2. preview 3. original (Jomsocials gallery has an download button for the original picture)

But the shame is, that it isnt actually the "original" photo. Its a resized photo (jomsocial defines that size as "very high" in its config).

A possible solution could be now to change that definition of "very high". Or just remove the whole resize function.

But the problem is that i have no php knowledge. And if I had, i wouldnt be sure where the relevant code is placed.

I would suggest to look here: \components\com_community\templates\default\photos.photo.php \components\com_community\libraries\photos.php (here is some code about resizing)

The bad thing is, that only people that have jomsocial can help me here now :S . If someone thinks that he could help me, although he does not know what jomsocial is, so I can give him access to my site (if he is a trusted member).

Other members that already have jomsocial can look at their jomsocial folders :)

(By the way, I would like to ask this question to the support forum of jomsocial, but my support subscription expired >:( )

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