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When i have tryied to deploy my simple nodejs blog app on Heroku I have very strage error. My data from node did not bind to template variables. So I have right work app local enter image description here

But after deploy on Heroku there is an error in action name that based on the name that I take from server and add to template variables. Here is wrong image and code.enter image description here

Controllers code  = function(req, res) {
  res.render('users/new', {
    user: new User({}),

form code

extends base

block content
  - var action = action || '/users'
  if (!user.isNew)
    - action += '/'

  form(action=action, method='post')
      input(type='hidden', name='_method', value='put')

      label Name
        input.input(name='name', type='text',

      label Username
        input(name='username', type='text', value=user.username)

      label Email
        input(name='email', type='text',

      label Change password
        input(name='password', type='password', placeholder='Type a new one to update')

      button.btn.btn-primary(type='submit') Save user

new template code

extends form

block prepend content
  h2 New user

Any ideas??

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It think can be cache problem.

Try to make some changes in controller file (ex. add some new variable when rendering "users/new" template). Also, try to re-deploy app.

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