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I referred this question for fetching contact name for the provided contact number but i wanted something which would fetch me the name even though it is saved without the country code.

For example, If i enter number as +918888888888 and the number is stored as 8888888888 or 08888888888, i should still be able to get the name. Can i do it using PhoneLookup ?

I mean i am looking for something similar to 'like' feature in database operations.

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I'm not sure if is there any straightforward approach to do that.

But you can do it like this way

String phoneNo = "+918888888888";       
//Search contacts for name

if(match not found)    //searching for 8888888888
    phoneNo = phoneNo.substring(3);
    //search again

if(match not found) //searching for 08888888888
    phoneNo = "0" + phoneNo;
    //search again

It may be quite inefficient but should work fine.

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