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According to this document to verify order of calls we need:

val m1 = mock[List[String]]
val m2 = mock[List[String]]


here was one(m1).get(0) then one(m1).get(1)

With my code

  val db = mock[Database]

  "The code" should {

    "Should do something" in {
      val id = "id"
      db.readUserByid(anyString) returns None

      val rv = api.login(id)

      there was one(db).readUserByid(id) then one(db).createUser(anyString)

I get an error

value then is not a member of org.specs2.matcher.MatchResult[Option[models.domain.user.User]]

and a warning

then is now a reserved word; usage as an identifier is deprecated

I'm using Play framework 2.2.0, Specs2 bundled with this version of Play, Mockito 1.9.5

Could you please point out to a correct document what contains information about verifying order of calls?

Thank you very much :)

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You need to use andThen

there was one(db).readUserByid(id) andThen one(db).createUser(anyString)
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