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I have an action in a controller where I want to generate a batch of 10 consecutive days for each request.

I keep track of where we are in the batch cycle by passing a variable page, for each batch.

The cycle of batches should start with today.

How can I express this in the simplest way?

Right now I have the following mess, which doesn't even work (each batch, except for the first one, start one day too early):

@page_number = (params[:page_number] || 0).to_i + 1
today        = Date.today
batch_amount = 10
first_day_of_current_batch = today + (batch_amount * (@page_number - 1))
days         = first_day_of_current_batch..(first_day_of_current_batch + batch_amount)
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The paging starts at 0 or 1? –  marcosbeirigo Oct 27 '13 at 17:21
It doesn't matter, page is only a label for the batch. –  Fellow Stranger Oct 27 '13 at 19:44
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As I didn't understand completely all your requirements, so I will make a few assumptions:

  • Pages start with 1, nil is assumed as 1
  • Today is 27th of October, assuming that batch size is 10 and page number 1, the batch should be Sun, 27 Oct 2013..Wed, 05 Nov 2013
  • Today is 27th of October, assuming that batch size is 10 and page number 2, the batch should be Sun, 06 Oct 2013..Wed, 15 Nov 2013

As You have quite a complex logic there, it will be wise to extract it to separate object. It's considered a common and good practice, as it decouples Your code and tests. Custom class:

# app/services/batch_of_days.rb
class Services::BatchOfDays
  class << self
    def create(page_nr = 1, batch_size = 10, start_from = Date.today)
      new(page_nr.to_i, batch_size, start_from).create

  def initialize(page_nr, batch_size, start_from)
    @page_nr    = page_nr
    @batch_size = batch_size
    @start_from = start_from

  def create

  def first_day
    @first_day ||= @start_from + ( @page_nr - 1 ) * @batch_size

  def last_day
    first_day + @batch_size - 1


irb(main):262:0> BatchOfDays.create
# => Sun, 27 Oct 2013..Tue, 05 Nov 2013
irb(main):262:0> BatchOfDays.create(1)
# => Sun, 27 Oct 2013..Tue, 05 Nov 2013
irb(main):263:0> BatchOfDays.create(2)
# => Wed, 06 Nov 2013..Fri, 15 Nov 2013
irb(main):264:0> BatchOfDays.create(3)
# => Sat, 16 Nov 2013..Mon, 25 Nov 2013
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I recommend numbering your pages starting at 0 (i.e. page #0, the first one, begins at Date.today). You could then use the following:

@page_number = (params[:page_number] || 0).to_i
batch_amount = 10
first = (@page_number * batch_amount).days.from_now.to_date
last  = ((@page_number + 1) * batch_amount - 1).days.from_now.to_date
days = (first..last).to_a

the to_date let you specify the range as a range of consecutive days, and the to_a converts the range into an Array of Date objects, one for each day.

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