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I have a classB which extends classA. In classB I define a method fooBar() which is also defined in classA. In fooBar() of classB I want to call fooBar() of classA at the beginning. Just the way I'm used to, from Objective-C. Is that possible in PHP? And if so, how?

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Straight from the manual:

The ... double colon, is a token that allows access to ... overridden properties or methods of a class.


Example #3 Calling a parent's method

class MyClass
    protected function myFunc() {
        echo "MyClass::myFunc()\n";

class OtherClass extends MyClass
    // Override parent's definition
    public function myFunc()
        // But still call the parent function
        echo "OtherClass::myFunc()\n";

$class = new OtherClass();
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Just a quick note because this doesn't come up as easy on Google searches, and this is well documented in php docs if you can find it. If you have a subclass that needs to call the superclass's constructor, you can call it with:

parent::__construct(); // since PHP5

An example would be if the super class has some arguments in it's constructor and it's implementing classes needs to call that:

class Foo {

  public function __construct($lol, $cat) {
    // Do stuff specific for Foo


class Bar extends Foo {

  public function __construct()(
    parent::__construct("lol", "cat");
    // Do stuff specific for Bar


You can find a more motivating example here.

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