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I'm generating JSON for an object and serializing it to the DB.

serialize :some_cached_json, JSON

The JSON isn't complex but it does span four objects and includes an array.

When it gets serialized, these fields get added:

"allow_nan": false,
"array_nl": "",
"ascii_only": false,
"indent": "",
"max_nesting": 100,
"quirks_mode": false,
"space": "",
"space_before": "",

The fields don't appear when you just call as_json on the object.

Who is responsible for adding these fields (some Rails serializer, the db) and how can I get it to stop?

EDIT to add: I drilled in a little more and found that these fields are only being added to the first array on the object.

More EDIT: Happens with SQLite also.

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Here's what happened: way down in the object graph, there existed this as_json method:

  def as_json(options = {})
    options ||= {}
    super(:methods => [:some_field, :something_else]).merge(options)

Took me a bit, but notice that this is generating the json, then merging options into the generated json and not into the options hash

That's what all the nonsense was being appended to the json. It was the nonsense in the default options.

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