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For a Graphics Programming assignment, students are given an existing application in C++ using DirectX11 and have to modify certain values within the given shader. Once completed, these values must be shown in the console screen and updated as soon as they're changed. I had trouble making sure that the text wasn't shown constantly but using the Carriage Return, I've managed to freeze the output.

However, as I change the values, the text doesn't update accordingly. Using breakpoints, it clearly shows that the values are different and visually the changes in the shader are definitely noticable. Here's what I have to output the text:

NOTE: We're using wcout, so it's UNICODE. Also the assignment states we MUST use wcout.

std::wstringstream values;
values << L"The Ambient Color Variables are: [" << m_AmbientColor.x << L" ; " << m_AmbientColor.y << L" ; " << m_AmbientColor.z << L"]" << endl;
values << L"The Diffuse Color Variables are: [" << m_DiffuseColor.x << L" ; " << m_DiffuseColor.y << L" ; " << m_DiffuseColor.z << L"]" << endl;
values << L"The Specular Color Variables are: [" << m_SpecularColor.x << L" ; " << m_SpecularColor.y << L" ; " << m_SpecularColor.z << L"]" << endl;
values << L"The Shininess is " << m_Shininess << endl;
values << L"The Light Direction Values are [" << m_LightDirection.x << L" ; " << m_LightDirection.y << L" ; " << m_LightDirection.z << L"]" <<endl;

wcout << values.str();
wcout << L'\u240D';

The variables never change in the console screen. It keeps showing the same values of the initialization.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

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You can print regular strings to wcout without littering your code with useless Ls – n.m. Oct 27 '13 at 16:35
U+240D is the graphical representation of the carriage return character, not the carriage return character itself. It is probably not what you want. – n.m. Oct 27 '13 at 16:51
Finally, by "freezing the output" you jave probably made wcout set its error or fail bit, which means it will output nothing until you reset it manually. Check with if (!wcout) throw "Boo!"; or something similar. – n.m. Oct 27 '13 at 16:56

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