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I am trying to implement launching PuTTY with AutoIt.

I have a PuTTY configuration session, I named it 'testcom11'. It saves a PuTTY session with settings for com11, baudrate and so on.

I implemented in AutoIt a line as following:

Run ("putty -load testcom11")

It works fine. I was able to launch PuTTY with my session and PuTTY windows pops up and I was able to type an 'AT' command to the PuTTY window.

Now I want, instead of hard coding one session name, to pass a session name from the command line like this:

myAutoItprogram.exe testcom11

I put this line in AutoIt:

$cmp = $CmdLine[1]

I can see it passed correctly when I print (display it with, let's say, MsgBox) $cmp, it shows testcom11.

In the next line I have:

Run ("putty -load $cmp")

However, AutoIt launches PuTTY only with the window asking me to load a session. So clearly it didn't read the -load $cmp option.

As you can see I am novice to AutoIt, so maybe you can see if it is something with how it handles $cmp in Run Window or something else.

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Your syntax is bad.

AutoIt is maybe similar to PHP, but...

$a = "x"
$b = "$ay"
if you print $b you will get this text $ay

The correct way would be

$b = $a & "y"

Now $b will print xy.

So in your case its

Run("putty -load " & $cmp)

instead of

Run ("putty -load $cmp")

Also about the AutoIt Commandline. There is $CmdLineRaw and it will get the whole commandline. In order to get every parameter separated, you can use $CmdLine[n] (with n being replaced by each parameters index).

Maybe its better to use $CmdLineRaw, because you pass only one parameter, and you might avoid a possible problem if that parameter has a space in it.

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Thanks @Samoth. –  Milos Oct 28 '13 at 11:47
Hi Samoth, Milos, Thank you for answering my question. I tried what you suggested today and it worked very well. I was able to pass command line parameter as I had hoped for. Putty recognized option and launched session flawlessly. So again thank you for helping me. –  Zeljo Oct 28 '13 at 23:24
You're welcome @Zeljo . Don't forget to select my answer. Cheers –  Milos Oct 30 '13 at 0:17

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