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I have regex which works fine in my application, but it matches an empty string too, i.e. no error occurs when the input is empty. How do I modify this regex so that it will not match an empty string ? Note that I DON'T want to change any other functionality of this regex.

This is the regex which I'm using: ^([0-9\(\)\/\+ \-]*)$

I don't know a lot about regex formulation myself, which is why I'm asking. I have searched for an answer, but couldn't find a direct one. Closest I got to was this: regular expression for anything but an empty string in c#, but that doesn't really work for me ..

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Replace "*" with "+", as "*" means "0 or more occurrences", while "+" means "at least one occurrence"

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You can either use + or the {min, max} Syntax:

^[0-9\(\)\/\+ \-]{1,}$


^[0-9\(\)\/\+ \-]+$

By the way: this is a great source for learning regular expressions (and it's fun): http://regexone.com/

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Obviously you need to replace Replace * with +, as + matches 1 or more character. However inside character class you don't to do all that escaping you're doing. Your regex can be simplified to:

^([0-9()\/+ -]+)$
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