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How to create an object with member of type std::tuple?

I tried to compile this code.

  6 template <class ... T>
  7 class Iterator
  8 {
  9 public:
 10         Iterator(T ... args)
 11                 : tuple_(std::make_tuple(args))
 12         {
 13         }
 15 private:
 16         std::tuple<T ...> tuple_;
 17 };

But it is unable to compile with the following error.

variadic.cpp: In constructor ‘Iterator<T>::Iterator(T ...)’:
variadic.cpp:11:33: error: parameter packs not expanded with ‘...’:
variadic.cpp:11:33: note:         ‘args’

What is wrong with the code?

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args is variadic, so you have to expand it with ...:

: tuple_(std::make_tuple(args...))
//                           ^^^

And you don't need make_tuple for this:

: tuple_(args...)
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