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I created an application that displays emergency numbers and allows the user to add their own emergency numbers to the list.

I also created a web application project to handle the server part of the app.

I can run it locally, but I need to store it globally on the GAE.

I am aware that I need an application ID, but how do I link my android application to that web application that I have deployed?

Do I need to insert the API key somewhere and switch on any services?

Its not creating my numbers now if I deploy so I know Im doing it wrong. Please please help.

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In the Api Console you need to enable the "Google Cloud Messaging For Android" service.

Then, In "API Access" tab, you need to add a Server Key, and an Android Key (actually two android keys - one for debug and one later for the released version - don't forget that!)

Then in the Endpoint classes you need to add the following to the @Api annotation:
clientIds - The Ids of the Android Client Keys
audiences - The "Client ID for web applications"

Which will eventually look like this:

@Api(name = "endpoint_name"
    clientIds = {"",
    audiences = {""})

Above the class declaration.

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