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I am developing a .Net API service in Windows 7 box and try to debug API from my Mac OS, however, I am not able to hit the API through the port (3345). I used ipconfig to find out my windows7 IP address, and then try to access it through (address:port), and it never connects.

Anything I need to do on VMFusion to allow me hit the .Net API.

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Make sure that your Windows 7 box doesn't have the firewall on, or make an exception to allow a connection on your port. The default settings will block that port.

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I tried this a while back and was unsuccessful after several hours on trying. I gave up as iis would not run properly on my machine. You can search on SO and find others asking the same question. I do know that you have to use iis express in vstudio and then edit the iis config file to allow access from any host. Try this question, Configure IIS Express for external access to VS2010 project

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