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I have a basic question. In the code below, I am calling the same function, 'add', twice. When I do this using OpenMP, I'm getting incorrect results.

program p

!$omp parallel num_threads(2) private(n)


if(n==0) goto 1111


write(*,*)'sum for 5=',suma,n,i

goto 1000

1111 suma=add(j,n)

write(*,*)'sum for 10=',suma,n,j

1000 continue

!$omp end parallel

end program p

function add(k,n)result(l)

implicit none



!write(*,*)'thread employing me is:',n


do s=k,k+5


end do



end function add

The result of executing this code is:

sum for 10=   45.0000000               0          10

sum for 5=   45.0000000               1           5

However, when I uncomment line 22, ie '!write(,)'thread employing me is:',n'

the result is:

 thread employing me is:           0

 sum for 10=   75.0000000               0          10

 thread employing me is:           1

 sum for 5=   45.0000000               1           5

What should I do in order to employ the same function using different threads, correctly(ie without mixing up the variables) Can anyone explain the results obtained?

This is a simplistic version of my actual problem. (where I'm using the same function in threads)

Edit: Ok, I've realized the very silly mistake of not including 'suma' in the private list. But still, can someone tell why, if line 22 is uncommented, it always gives the correct result, even if suma is not made private?

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My guess would be that the write statement somehow is some kind of "implicit barrier", s.t. different write statements from different threads are given line-by-line instead of garbled. –  Alexander Vogt Oct 27 '13 at 18:51
You should add suma to the list in the private clause. And you should really use OpenMP sections. –  Hristo Iliev Oct 27 '13 at 21:46
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There is a data race condition in your program. suma is shared (by the implicit data sharing rules of OpenMP) and both threads assign to it at the same time. Uncommenting the write statement results in slight offset in the execution of the second thread and therefore hides the race condition (it doesn't on my OS X - it just makes the program randomly print two times 45.0 or two times 75.0).

!$omp parallel num_threads(2) private(n, suma)
!$omp end parallel

Besides that, you should really really really use OpenMP sections instead of the goto logic that you have employed:

!$omp parallel num_threads(2) private(n, suma)

!$omp sections
write(*,*)'sum for 5=',suma,n,i
!$omp section
write(*,*)'sum for 10=',suma,n,j
!$omp end sections

!$omp end parallel
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