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I have a case class like

case class Person(firstName: String, lastName: String)

I'd like to pretty-print it as JSON. I am working within Play Framework 2.1.x. I also happen to have the Salat library in my classpath, so I could use that as well. I'd like to see what all the options are however including json4s, etc.

JSON libraries in Scala have been evolving rapidly. I believe this can be done with a few lines of code for all case classes (i.e. without requiring additional code for each case class) using macros and such.

I believe I can use play's built-in macro-based Json library, but I'd like to see some worked-out examples. I'm aware of a few starting points:



Scala 2.10, its impact on JSON libraries and case class validation/creation

But I'd like to see examples using json4s and such as well.

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I like the built-in JSON support in Play 2.x. It works, it's well documented, and it's just one less dependency to worry about.

Your JSON pretty-print of Person would be accomplished in two lines (plus an import):

import play.api.libs.json._
implicit val personFormat = Json.format[Person]
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Scala pickling is the new, up and coming way to do this. It should be really fast and looks quite simple.

Current version is 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT and future 0.8.0 is advertised to be a stable release.

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