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I would like to use the nested Generics, like

class Class<List<T>> {

But always Dart Editor gives me alerts. How should I avoid these alerts?

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What would that even mean? – delnan Oct 27 '13 at 18:55
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Well, Dart Editor is right. This code doesn't make any sense. Without further information on what you are trying to do (don't hesitate to update your question), I am assuming you actually mean one of those:

class MyClass<T> {
  List<T> listField;
  // other stuff

Or maybe the list itself should be generic?

void main() {
  MyClass<SomeCustomListClass<String>> instance = new MyClass();

class MyClass<T extends List<String>> {
  T listField;
  // ...

Or maybe everything has to be generic:

void main() {
  MyClass<String, SomeCustomListClass<String>> instance = new MyClass();

class MyClass<TElement, TList extends List<TElement>> {
  TList listField;
  TElement _firstListElement;
  // whatever that could be used for
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