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Im trying to make an Android layout with a background pattern which will remain the same but with different color tones and then on top of that, a white area without pattern where I can write stuff.

To achieve this I've made a layout with different "sandwiched" layouts from bottom as follows;

  1. Background picture (pattern)

  2. 75% transparent shape filled with a gradient

  3. Non Transparent shape filled with a solid #FFF

The two first layers works just as wanted, but then the third shape (and all other views above) let the background pattern but not color through.

The following is my style that tries to manage these things, any idea what I'm doing wrong?


<style name = "Background"/>
<style name = "Background.Pattern">
    <item name= "android:background">@drawable/background_pattern</item>
<style name = "Background.Color">
    <item name = "android:background">@drawable/gradient</item>
    <item name = "android:alpha">0.75</item>
    <item name = "android:padding">10dp</item>

<style name = "Content"/>
<style name = "Content.Background">
    <item name = "android:background">@drawable/content</item>
    <item name = "android:layout_marginBottom">15dp</item>
    <item name = "android:alpha">1</item>
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