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I've written a few packages containing some extra functions for dealing with common types that reflect the way I like to use them (for instance, I prefer to treat Bson documents as maps, rather than lists of fields). I keep these packages in local source directories, not on Hackage.

I would like to introduce dependencies between these packages in their .cabal files, using cabal's build-depends system. But this leads to the following error (bson-docmap being a local module):

cabal: At least the following dependencies are missing:
bson-docmap >=0.0

Is it possible to point cabal to a local directory as an alternate repository?

My current workaround is to keep all my modules in a single local package, but I would prefer to break them apart if possible.

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Just install the bson-docmap package. Once it's installed, cabal doesn't care about its origin. – Daniel Wagner Oct 27 '13 at 23:27

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If you're using Cabal sandboxes then you can add a local Cabalized directory as a source

cabal sandbox add-source path/to/project/dir

After this point it'll be available for build-depends.

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