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I have an html code with 5 divs. They all have the same class, and different IDs. Then, within javascript I have this:

$(".pics").click(function() {

where .pics is the name of the class of all the divs. The idea is that when I click on any of them, a certain script should be triggered, but I also want to know which one of the divs was clicked upon.

How do you go about it?


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Assuming your ids are like this:

<div class="pics" id ="pic1">...</div>

<div class="pics" id ="pic2">...</div>

<div class="pics" id ="pic3">...</div>

<div class="pics" id ="pic4">...</div>

<div class="pics" id ="pic5">...</div>

Then in your javascript:

$(".pics").click(function() {
alert("You are clicking "+$(this).attr('id'));

And you should see something like this:

You are clicking pic1
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Try this:

$(".pics").click(function() {
    alert("hey!" + $(this).attr("id"));
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You can get this information from the target of the click event, as shown here.

$(".pics").click( function (e) {
    var clickedElement =;
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this refers to that element.

$(".pics").click(function() {
    var me = $(this);
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