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I have a play main project set up with 2 subprojects. In each subproject, I am using the play Salat plugin. I use the "play compile stage" command to prepare my application for deployment. As I want to start each subproject on different ports, I start each subproject by running the "start" command in each subproject's target folder (with different http.port specifications).

Unfortunately, I get the following error message when calling the app's URL :

Caused by: play.api.PlayException: SalatPlugin is not registered.[You need to register the plugin with "500:se.radley.plugin.salat.SalatPlugin" in conf/play.plugins]

When I initially got this message, I only had the play.plugins file in my main project conf folder. But even after copying this file in each subproject's conf folder, I still get the error message.

It works if I start the application in the main project's target folder. But this is not what I want since running it that way makes both subprojects accessible on the same port. I need to be able to start each subproject's individually (one subproject being on an open port like an open API and the other one being closed to the outside network).

Has anyone any idea how to fix this issue?

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