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I have JSON data like you see below in a collection called 'English', for which I'm setting up a REST api with a nodejs app using the MongoDB driver. If I do the following, I get all the JSON data returned in the browser.

app.get('/sentences', function (req, res){

     db.collection('english', function(err, collection) {
        collection.find().toArray(function(err, items) {



However, when I try to go to /sentences/1 to get one record, the app is freezing (the half-moon in the browser tab turns slowly) and there's no error logged. Is there something wrong with how I'm doing this findOne?

app.get('/sentences/:id', function(req,rest){

     var query = { 'question' : };

    db.collection('english', function(err, collection) {

        collection.findOne(query, function(err, item) {

JSON data

    "_id": "526c0e21977a67d6966dc763",
    "question": "1",
    "uk": "blah blah blah",
    "us": "blah blah balh"
    "_id": "526c0e21977a67d6966dc764",
    "question": "2",
    "uk": "Tom went outside for a fag. I think he smokes too much!",
    "us": "Tom went outside for a cigarette. I think he smokes too much!"
    "_id": "526c0e21977a67d6966dc765",
    "question": "3",
    "uk": "Do you fancy going to the cinema on Friday?",
    "us": "How about going to the movies on Friday"


What's happening is that the app is eventually timing out and I get a No data received message in the browser.

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The problem was a typo in one of the arguments (an extra 't' in 'res'). Instead of

app.get('/sentences/:id', function(req,rest){


should have been

app.get('/sentences/:id', function(req,res){ 

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Still not corrected the typo. – user568109 Oct 28 '13 at 8:24
thanks, fixed now – Leahcim Oct 28 '13 at 15:15
@Leahcim mark the answer as accepted, please. – Guido García Feb 20 '15 at 20:16

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