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I am doing an assignment where I need to conduct a quiz. This is a part of my code so far.

answer = input("Your answer: ")
guessesTaken = 0
points = 0
if answer == 'Call Of Duty' or answer == 'Call of duty' or answer == 'Call of duty' or answer == 'a)' or answer == 'call of duty' or answer == 'a':
    print("You are correct!")
    points = points + 2
    print("You scored two points!")
    guessesTaken = guessesTaken + 1
    print("You have", guessesTaken, "guess remaining!")
answerb = input("Your answer: ")
if answerb == 'Call Of Duty' or answerb == 'Call of duty' or answerb == 'Call of duty' or answerb == 'a)' or answerb == 'call of duty' or answerb == 'a':
    points = points + 1
    print("You scored one point!")

I am getting an error for if answerb. I cannot figure out why I am getting this error. This part of the code is meant to score points for each question you get right. Points system is as follows, 2 for correct answer on first try, 1 on second try and 0 for third try. I thought using answerb would let me have a second try and give 1 point. If you could please explain it to me so I don't do it in the future again. :)

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Please tell us the error message and the location of the error. – Robin Krahl Oct 28 '13 at 1:28
Tell us what is your code intended to do? – Christian Oct 28 '13 at 1:29
Welcome to Stack Overflow! Thanks for posting your code, but please put a little more description in your question: what problem are you having, what is the result you expect, and what have you tried so far? Going through the question checklist will help us better answer your question. Thanks! – Christian Ternus Oct 28 '13 at 1:30
Hint: it would be easier to use if answer.lower() == 'call of duty' – zero323 Oct 28 '13 at 1:31
Is your answerb = input(…) line perhaps indented farther than you think it is? – Ryan O'Hara Oct 28 '13 at 1:49
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Like minitech suggested, you may have just indented answerb = input(...) too far. I modified your code a little:

maxGuesses = 2 #Max number of attempts for the problem
guessesTaken = 0
points = 0
while guessesTaken<maxGuesses:
    answer = input("Your answer: ")
    if answer.lower() == 'call of duty' or answer.lower() == 'a' or answer.lower() == 'a)':
        print("You are correct!")
        points = points + maxGuesses-guessesTaken
        print("You scored %d points!" %(maxGuesses-guessesTaken))
        print("You have %d guesses remaining!" %(maxGuesses-guessesTaken-1))
        guessesTaken += 1
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With this code would the points be attributed as 2 points for guessing the correct answer on first try, 1 point on second try, and 0 for third try or should I add that in myself? – Shahaad Boss Oct 28 '13 at 2:32
It would attribute 2 points the first try, 1 the second, and 0 the third. – elliospizzaman Oct 28 '13 at 18:02

The error in your comment indicates on line 28 you are checking a variable that has not been set. The matching line in your post appears to be 13. In line 12, you appear to be setting the variable. Maybe try pasting your post back to your editor and re try. The posted code appears to be setting the variable before it attempts to access it correctly.

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