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Hi using a fabulous package call quantmod. Is there way to get historical financial ratios, say PE or PEG ratio? I tried doing.

getSymbols(c("AAPL"),what=yahooQF("PEG Ratio"))
AA = AAPL['2013-09-07::2013-10-20']
print (AA)

But this only prints:

AAPL.Open AAPL.High AAPL.Low AAPL.Close AAPL.Volume AAPL.Adjusted
2013-09-09    505.00    507.92   503.48     506.17    12167400        506.17
2013-09-10    506.20    507.45   489.50     494.64    26542700        494.64

Not sure if possible, but thanks in advance.

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The qmao package on R-Forge has some of this this -- see for example the getEarnings() function.

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