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I am trying to query a dataframe with sqldf in R.

The dataframe exists but sqldf can't seem tof ind it.

Here is the dataframe...

> head(pred,3)
  0   1
1 4.3 .234
2 6.5 .111
3 7.5 .917

But when I query it with sqldf, I get the following error:

> a <- sqldf("select * from pred  limit 6")
Loading required package: tcltk
Error in sqliteExecStatement(con, statement, bind.data) : 
  RS-DBI driver: (error in statement: no such table: pred)

It seems like sqldf can't find the pred table. Why might that be? How can I query it with sqldf?

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When I try to reproduce this it works for me. One possibility is that pred is not a data frame. sqldf looks for data frames so if it were a zoo object or a matrix or any other object which is not a data frame then it would not find it. Try class(pred). –  G. Grothendieck Oct 28 '13 at 12:53
Perhaps pred is not a data.frame? Try class(pred). If pred is a matrix then pred_dt <- as.data.frame(pred) will create a data frame so that you have something that sqldf will recognize. –  G. Grothendieck May 12 '14 at 16:30

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Install RH2 package and run require(RH2) before running your sqldf query. The problem should be fixed.

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