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I'm trying to pass two variables into a HttpResonseRedirect, but it won't work. I get a "TypeError, not all arguments converted during string formatting" I think my problem might be that my syntax is wrong, since it works if I just pass one variable. What's the proper syntax for passing in two or more?

return HttpResponseRedirect('/labels/get/%s/%s/' % store_id, order_id)
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It is a simple python string formatting issue:

'/labels/get/%s/%s/' % store_id, order_id

should be

'/labels/get/%s/%s/' % (store_id, order_id)

Since there are 2 arguments the string is expecting, you need to specify the arguments as a tuple.

So, the response would look like this:

return HttpResponseRedirect('/labels/get/%s/%s/' % (store_id, order_id))
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Yep, this works –  RuSs Oct 28 '13 at 3:44

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