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I have created a migration file as follows before generating a model , viewer or a controller

class Papaers < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def self.up
   create_table :papers do |t|
   t.integer :unit_id, :null=>false
   t.integer :document_id, :null=>false

 def self.down
   drop_table :papers

This ran well and it create the table. But now I want to create a model for this table. Is there a way in rails to create a model after running migration files? I could not see any model generated under papers in model.

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How did you created the above migration ? –  ashish Oct 28 '13 at 4:30
generate a migration file added the fields and ran it –  Kalanamith Oct 28 '13 at 5:03

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rails g model Papaers --migration=false

Or you can also give

rails g model Papaers

Rails generator would not overwrite if migration already exists.

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Thank you so much Shiva –  Kalanamith Oct 28 '13 at 5:03

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